Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I do for Love

I love my Loons. Anytime I get to see them is a miraculous and heartwarming moment for me. On the lake adjacent to ours, their nesting is usually successful. I headed out early this morning on my kayak in search of the newly hatched baby. Hubby scanned the lake with his binoculars and they weren't near the boat launch - I was going to have to kayak across 300 acres to find them.

I should my mention my allergies were bad. I had put eyedrops in one of my eyes and for some reason the sun was scorching and blinding that eye. Still, I paddled on.

A boat cruised by (violating the no wake rule before 11:00 am) and sent my kayak rolling as I desperately hung on to my camera and silently cursed that boater. No loons yet.

I'm halfway across the lake and all of a sudden I feel nauseous. Now I'm blind,tired and sick! Still I paddled on. No sounds of the Loons yet.

I make it all the way to the end of the lake, constantly scanning the shore - no Loons and I feel like I have to throw up. Another cruising boat (VIOLATOR!) goes by and I am ready to shake my fist at the sky. I decide to paddle back, today was not my day.

Halfway back across the lake, I stop because I think I'm going to be sick. And then all of a sudden, this welcome sight pops 2 feet in front of my kayak.

It's the mama Loon. The lighting was not good for me to get this shot of her, but I was so happy to see her. The father and baby were no where in sight, but it didn't matter. This was good enough.

I sat still in my kayak and watched her as she peered into the water looking at fish. I was still blind and nauseous but was able to tough it out.

I started paddling the rest of the way back and she was headed off her own way. I was happy. (Sick, nauseous, tired and thinking of ways I could ticket those boaters...but still happy.)

I get back to shore where hubby is waiting for me. The first thing he says is "As soon as you left, the father and baby swam by." "Of course," I said, "of course."