Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a Mourning Dove today

This afternoon was a slow birding day for me. It seemed like all the birds had taken a vacation from my yard. I even tried taking a photo of the mama Mourning Dove who is laying on some eggs in my house gutters. No luck - she was keeping her head down. Finally this sweet little Mourning Dove showed up.


Bird Girl said...

I have those birding really gets you down and then...some sweet little thing poses and lifts your spirit. Nicely done!

Chrisss said...

I love mourning doves, their coos are so beautiful and sad sounding. I used to have a lot visit my feeder when I lived in MI. I'm not sure if Mourning doves are in BC, as I have not seen any since being here.

Jessica said...

I took a few shots of some morning doves today but I wasn't happy with them. Yours is beautiful. Do you know how many eggs are in the nest of your nesting dove?