Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bird Count & Red-bellied Woodpecker

Today was a good bird count day. I was very happy to see the Red-bellied woodpecker. They are such spirited birds and I love that 'barking dog' sound they make to announce their arrival. Some of the birds and behaviors that were observed today:

  • 6 Starlings that enjoyed my heated bird bath immensely. They splashed around for several minutes.
  • 5 House sparrows
  • 1 male cardinal
  • 1 Junco
  • 1 Nuthatch so polite taking one peanut at a time from a wire cage feeder.
  • 1 Blue Jay that was too shy to come to the feeders but made sure everyone heard him in the yard.
  • 4 Mourning doves that enjoyed pooping in my heated bird bath. I had to clean it three times today.
  • 1 Red-bellied woodpecker that fought off the starlings quite admirably so it could enjoy the suet cake in peace.

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