Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bald Eagle Sighting

Today at 1:35 p.m, off Interstate 75 at the Grayling exit, I saw my first Bald Eagle! When Greg & I first viewed it up in the trees at the side of the highway, we couldn't believe it. I consider the Bald Eagle to be the "holy grail" of birds and to get photographs of it just made my day. I just wished I knew how to use my Cannon Rebel XTI camera better - the photos did not come out as well as I would've liked. I was able to snap about 20 photos while the Bald Eagle was looking around. After about 5 minutes, it flew off . It was such an awesome sight to see its massive wing span and the Eagle's large yellow clawed legs dangling in the air - looking ready to grab some prey. (Click on the photo to view a larger version. You can see the Eagle has been banded on its legs.)

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Anonymous said...

What a majestic bird! Sunday 4/13/08, my Mother and I rescued a 2 year old female bald eagle from a muddy field. She is currently at a great facility seeking medical attention. I can't begin to explain the excitement and emotions that went into this rescue. Not to mention I had my camera in my pocket.