Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birds at the lake

I love watching birds at the lake. They are socializing, nesting or engaging in antics that I wish to capture on my camera.

Who is the bird with this Redwing??

Female Redwing grooming her feathers.

Male Redwing fluffing out his tail feathers.

You have to love the baby geese!


Dave said...

The RW Blackbird's buddy is an Eastern Kingbird. I've been working on survey beaver dams along the North Branch and Big Creek and noted a large number of them in the area. They're fun to watch zoom from a roost to catch bugs in mid air!


Shellmo said...

Dave - thank you for identifying my Kingbird - looking forward to seeing them again!

The Birdlady said...

What a beautiful place!

kjpweb said...

That's pretty cool! Fun to watch!
Cheers, Klaus

John said...

Beautiful photos!

Q said...

Dear Shelly,
Your Red Wing Blackbird is lovely. I had one come to the feeders the other day. So strange to see one here in the city!
We have Eastern Kingbirds across the street in the cemetery! My husband is very fond of the Kingbirds.

Kathiesbirds said...

Kingbirds and Redwings. What a combo. Baby geese are irresistable! Nice post.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Beautiful pictures, Shelley. I see a number of RWBBs and Eastern Kingbirds at the boardwalk where I do a lot of nature walking. They're wonderful to watch. This looks like a really great place. I hope it's close to where you live. It would fun to spend a lot of time there, I think.

flowerpot said...

hiya such a beautiful blog. i appreciate nature as i,m housebound with chronic fatigue syndrome. beautiful pics. stunning.
the log cabins? i,m from england and can remember as a child in the sixties reading my brothers glossy american magazines.. casper the ghost ect.. there were childrens log cabns advertised in the back..complete with lumberjack sitting on the porch.. they could be mailed to you across the sea i think id have loved one but dad had a shed.. not as good but near enoughfor me..

Bird Girl said...

Shelley - you have been one busy blogger! I am enjoying all your new posts! Glad you got a kingbird - they are such neat birds and they feed their babies longer than most birds. Great red-winged blackbird shots!