Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cardinal with an ego

I think I look pretty handsome today.

I think this is my best side. What do you think?

Oh please! Just go get me some sunflower seeds and quit messing around!


Kathiesbirds said...

Cute! Isn't that the truth!

The Birdlady said...

Aren't they something?!

Sandpiper said...

Oh, they're wonderful!

Shellmo said...

Kathie - absolutely!

Birdlady - yes! I was glad to see something other than the mourning doves today!

Sandpiper - I hope they keep coming back like they usually do at dusk.

Bird Girl said...

Yes...I sure think you got that male Cardinal's best side - gorgeous! Cute commentary, too!

Chris said...

Such a man! Let the woman tell him what to do!

Richard said...

The female does look a little irritated at something.

Jessica said...

The look on the female's face is priceless!! Too funny.


Cardinal are wonderful at any season. Caught up on over a week of posts. Enjoyed all the photos. Glad to be back.

Sandy said...

hahaha...cute cute!


Texas Travelers said...

This is a great series of photos with neat captions.

It's a party here today.
Come visit,

Peggy said...

Love the cardinals! Also Bob and Mary!

Shellmo said...

birdgirl - I just think they're so handsome (and they know it!)

Chris - always good to have a woman in charge! :-)

Richard - I thought she did too!

jessica - Made me laugh when I saw her expression!

Oneida - Thank you for coming by! Looking forward to your posts!

Texas - many thanks!

Peggy - Thank you! (I think I like the cardinals a "little" bit more!)

Sandy - thank you!

cottage remnant said...

too cute :0)