Friday, June 20, 2008

Waiting Grackle

This Grackle had his laser focus on one of my bird feeders. He was waiting on the mourning doves to vacate (fat chance!) Finally, I shooed the doves away so this guy could have his turn.


Klaus said...

Beautiful Blog that you got! And equally wonderful images. I have to make sure to return!
Cheers, Klaus

Bird Girl said...

I really like the background bokeh colors - they sort of match the irridescence of the grackle - neat!

Sandy said...

Great photo, so soft in the background and beautiful colors on the bird. Niiiccceeee..

Shellmo said...

Klaus - thank you! Please come back!

Birdgirl - I was playing w/ the photoshop - still new at this!

Sandy - thank you - very amateur efforts on my part!