Sunday, May 25, 2008

Black-capped Chickadee Babies

My husband had a dream. Put up 4 birdhouses and hopefully attract at least 1 chickadee family up at our log home. I am happy to say his dream came true! More photos to follow.
(Have a nice and safe Memorial weekend everyone!)


Sandy said...

Love the birdhouse. I like that pic on the left on your sidebar.. the redbreasted one..

Texas Travelers said...

This is better than Fantastic, whatever that is. Great photo and good job on attracting the little fellow.

Alaska Sunday is posted.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Bird Girl said...

Shelley - I'm so glad your hubby's dream came true! How exciting! And that little chickadee looks so good with a green bug in his mouth - just so neat!

Mary C said...

That is so neat, Shelley. I look forward to more photos.