Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Need help with Bird Identification!

Here are some more bird photos from our weekend up at the cabin. I'm trying to identify two of the birds - can you help?

Is this the Caspian Tern?

How about this plump fellow? He kept turning his back on me so it was hard to identify.

Finally, a fellow I can identify. Here's my Canadian geese friend swimming in our lake.


Anonymous said...

You got it right Caspian Tern

Sandy said...

I have no idea but they are nice photos.

Dave said...

I agree with Rick, the first is a Caspian Tern. The second might be a female Red-Wing Blackbird.

FYI I'm just down the road outside of Lovells - also with a new (half)log cabin and am a birder.


Sandpiper said...

Hi Shelley! I'm pretty sure the first bird is a Caspian Tern and I'm not positive without seeing its head, but I'm inclined to think second bird is a female red-winged blackbird. I'll send your link to my friend Bruce who is good at identifying birds. Nice sightings!

Bird Girl said...

Hi Shelley -
I would agree with the rest of the comments. Isn't it exciting to get some new birds and learn about them? Fun! Fun! Fun!

brucesc said...

I agree with everyone else too--a Caspian tern and a female red-winged blackbird--nice shot of her. I love trying to ID birds so let me know if there are others.

Shellmo said...

To all - thank you for the confirmation on the Tern and the female redwing!

Sandy - thank you! :-)

Dave - Log cabins, birds & up north?! You are my type of blog visitor!

Birdgirl - yes - I just love adding birdies to my list!

Sandpiper - thanks again for your help! :-)

Bruce - Glad to have you as a resource now! I'm sure I'll have more I need help with. Thank you!

Shellmo said...

Rick - thank you again!

Texas Travelers said...

Definitely Caspian tern and female Red-winged blackbird.

Come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha